B.P.L.C. LLC. and its companies are breaking new ground in North West Arkansas and the world. From our various services to our online fulfillment systems to our custom fabricating, we provide what you are interested in.


While everyone else is laying people off and closing down. B.P.L.C. LLC is creating new jobs. B.P.L.C. LLC has a diversified portfolio of companies so if business slows at one we can transfer employees to another one of our companies. No layoffs due to lack of work ever! We have never told someone that we did not have work for them. 40 new people hired in 2010 alone! Over 100 people have been given jobs by us just since the "recession" started. 15 job openings currently!





Our Companies


Brian's Professional Lawn Care, LLC.

Cheep Lawnmowing, LLC.

Bikinimowing.com tm

Lawnmaster Enterprises

Barefoot Lawns and Landscaping

BPLC Fabricating

BPLC Marketing Solutions

BPLC House Cleaning Service

BPLC Walker Mower Repair Center

BPLC Web Solutions



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